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James E. Nelson
United States
Current Residence: South Sioux City, Nebraska
Personal Quote: People who can't write become critics.
The following item appeared in the local newspaper notices:

"Men Who Love Beef", will meet on Thurs. Oct 27 at Hungry's North [a local steak house] for a social event, at 7 p.m."

Questions to ponder:

1. Just what sort of social club is "Men Who Love Beef"?

2. What sort of man would join such a club? (I assume chicken wranglers and pork producers are excluded.)

3. What do "men who love beef" do for social interaction? (Okay, you deviants, keep your mind out of the gutter!!!)

And finally,

4. Why can't I find any notices about the "Men Who Love Soybeans" events around town?

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Jim --

Your Missouri-tagged poetry led me to your site.

I'm trying to get the word out to Missouri area Deviants about a little festival I'm producing in early May.

More information at


and the Meetup site


Please send this to any Missouri area writers you may know who would be interested.


Mark Pearce
yawn420 Apr 26, 2006  Professional Interface Designer
sioux city guy right here hows sewer city??
CageyButterfly Feb 20, 2006
:lmao: You'll love this, Mr. Nelson

Coulter & Carlson VS. Canada


( :whisper: I like Ann in this...Though, I think Tucker comes off as peevish & sophomoric:shrug: )

:) :heart: :hug:

I heard from =dewi where you've been...I'm glad:) & happy for you:heart:

CageyButterfly Aug 24, 2005
WB Mr. NELSON!!!:w00t!:

EDIT: People who can't write become bad critics. People who know they can't write become engineers.
CageyButterfly Aug 24, 2005
:giggle: @ teh =dewi:XD:
Thanks for the fav. :+fav: :hug:
CageyButterfly Apr 7, 2005
It's not a LIE, I've been given the gift of eternity..Hence, I am truly ageless..& of course, the "laws" governing the time-space continuum are relative; the relativity of which has a long and glorious tradition through GENERATIONS of my matriarchal line...:innocent:

Plus I have a deal with myself, if for the next 6, 7 years or so I keep the size of my ASS in check; I can bounce back & forth between 28 and 29...Because, unless I TELL people, they'd never know...& EVERYBODY knows a woman who will tell you her age will tell you anything...We can't be casting our pearls before swine can we:?...:no::lmao::heart:

:hug::blowkiss: Thank you~jenelson58:thanks:
CageyButterfly Apr 7, 2005
She does:?:confused:

You're SUCH a cutie with those emoticons we al know you don't take seriously;_P:lmao:

:glomp: Mr. Nelson:!::blowkiss:
CageyButterfly Apr 1, 2005
:jester:Poission D'Avril Mr. Nelson:kiss::!:

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